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Multi-Subject Instructional Period

Multi-Subject Instructional Period (MSIP)


What is MSIP?

MSIP is the acronym for ‘Multi-Subject Instructional Period’. Secondary students have one hour-long period each day for MSIP. MSIP is a mandatory class. Rather than having 75 minute classes, classes are each 60 minutes; 15 minutes from each class has been taken to create the hour long MSIP period.

During this time, students can work on their assignments, start their homework, and study for upcoming tests. Students are assigned a classroom to go to during this period, and each MSIP class has a designated teacher to supervise students, answer questions, and facilitate the movement of students.  

If a student demonstrates their responsibility to the MSIP teacher and plans ahead, their MSIP teacher should allow the student to move around to access resources that they require for their assignments. This may include studying in different locations such as the library, working with students in other MSIP classes, or asking other MSIP teachers questions about their homework.


What are the benefits of MSIP for students?

MSIP provides an opportunity for students to work more deliberately on their assignments. Rather than spending 15 minutes at the end of each class working on homework, students are able to focus for an entire hour and divide their time how they see fit. This encourages students to develop their time management skills, as well as their independent work skills. Having time to work on assignments while still in school is beneficial for students because they can access school resources, ask teachers questions, and potentially work (quietly) with other classmates on group projects. MSIP classes are also varied in grades, allowing students the opportunity to work alongside students who they may not typically interact with, and even ask questions to students in older grades, or help those who are younger.

The planning, work ethic, independence, time-management, and organization skills that students develop during MSIP will be useful tools for their work in the future. 
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