Fast Facts About the UCDSB

View the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) video to learn more about our schools by clicking the following link -UCDSB Registration Video

How do I contact my area Trustee?

In the top menu, select Trustees & Senior Staff, then Meet Your Trustees, where you can find information containing Trustees' addresses, fax numbers, email addresses, telephone numbers, and areas represented.

I need to speak to a superintendent, human resources representative, or another staff member at the board office.

In the top menu, select Trustees & Senior Staff, then Meet the Senior Staff, where you can find information containing Senior Staff addresses, fax numbers, email addresses, telephone numbers, and departments if applicable.

Our Geographical Area

  • Geographically, the UCDSB is one of the largest public school boards in Ontario - 12,000 square kilometers (18 times the size of the Toronto DSB).
  • Our area includes the counties of Lanark, Leeds, Grenville, Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott and Russell.
  • We are bordered by the St. Lawrence River to the south, Quebec to the east, Ottawa-Carleton to the north and the lake district to the west.

Our Students, Teachers and Support Staff

  • Approximately 27,000 students attend our schools, including elementary, secondary, and alternative/continuing education.
  • A wide, diverse background of cultures and activities for people of all ages can be found in the region.
  • We employ approximately 4,200 permanent and occasional staff members.

Our Schools and Resources

  • Alternate and Continuing Education is available at 15 campuses.
  • We have 81 elementary and secondary schools, including T.R. Leger School. (September 2017)
  • We have one main Board Office in Brockville and three offices located in Cornwall, Frankville and Oxford-on-Rideau PS.
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