CREW Strategic Plan 

CREW is a 15-year strategic plan that will guide the Board to improve the education and well-being of students and staff by implementing projects in four specific areas: collaboration, resources, educational programs, and wellness. It is the foundation on which every system leader can build the capacity in his or her school or department to meet the needs of all by developing their own site-specific programs.

We are using it to set achievable goals and track our progress. At the end of the day we will not only be graduating students better able to think, read, write and relate to others, but better all-around citizens filled with character.

The Board launched the process after seeing the success of other forward-thinking employers such as Southwest Airlines. Management at Southwest took the opportunity after the 9-11 tragedy to reorganize and refocus the airline's operations, and became the only major US carrier to emerge from the crisis in the black. 

While people may not know it, we are one of the largest employers in our area with thousands of staff focusing our considerable resources and expertise to ensure 26,000 full-time elementary and secondary students continue to receive a world-class education. As a major employer, we have a duty to look inward from time to time to ensure that we not only inspire excellence amongst our students but in all aspects of our operations.

To that end, our strategic planning team is conducting an extensive review to find areas where we can improve our work, and set a clear direction for the Board over the next three years. The CREW 4.1 plan sets out a variety of projects that principals and managers will lead to ensure our Board offers the best possible service to our community’s most precious resource - our children. The plan includes: phys. ed. projects to enhance student fitness; measures to improve communications with students, staff and parents; initiatives to ensure continued excellence in financial management; programs to identify and aid struggling students; a strategy to improve math scores; and a project designed to improve information technology across the Board so we can get the data needed to track and show the success of our plan in a concrete fashion.

To download a copy of our Mission, Vision, and Values, please click on the following link: 

UCDSB Mission, Vision, and Values

Image of Strategic Plan focus items of CREW


Image of Annual Board Work Plan Cycle for 2017-2018

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