Building for the Future: Documents for Accommodation Review Committees (ARCs)

Link to Feedback Survey - The survey is now closed

These pages will contain information specifically for each ARC group.

Documents available for download include the following:

  • agendas and meeting notes for the working group sessions
  • agendas and meeting minutes for the public ARC meetings
  • feedback survey reports 
  • other application information

The pages will continue to be updated throughout the pupil accommodation review process.

Link to ARC 1 - Prescott-Russell Family of Schools

Link to ARC 2A - Dundas Family of Schools

Link to ARC 2B - Cornwall and Highland Families of Schools

Link to ARC 3 - Brockville, Grenville and River Families of Schools

Link to ARC 4 - Lanark North, Lanark South and Rideau Families of Schools

For more detailed information on the recommendations for a specific family of schools, please select the school group link to the left.

 Building for the Future: Pupil Accommodation Review Meetings

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